A Loud Echo From The Hallway

Ms. Smith loves her seventeen first graders. As students arrive to West Elementary School, they slip into their typical morning routine by grabbing books and reading silently until the bell chimes. Before they know it, it’s time to clean up and prepare for a day of learning about animals that live at the aquarium.

Little Kristin excitedly shares what she learned about sharks. Ralph is also enthusiastic about animals, and he starts to share what he’s learned about seals, but a loud noise from the hallway interrupts him. It doesn’t sound like a noise from a student or custodian. Ms. Smith goes to the doorway, but the voice of the principal, Dr. Lee, comes over the PA system and stops her and all of the teachers from investigating. Instead, Ms. Smith quickly gathers her students and huddles them into a small area, keeping them calm and quiet. Find out what Dr. Lee said, what caused those noises, and what can be learned from Ms. Smith’s actions.

A Loud Echo from the Hallway gives young readers a real life scenario to read and discuss that will help prepare them for staying safe, quiet, and calm in an emergency situation.

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